2010 Apple Pie Baking Contest


  1. Entry fee is $5 per pie.
  2. You may enter more than one pie.
  3. Pies must arrive at the Cider Mill, Saturday Sept. 25, 2010 by 1:30pm.
  4. Judging begins at 2pm
  5. Pies will be judged on Taste and Presentation, i.e. how it looks.
  6. First Place is $30, Second Place is $20 and Third Place is $10.
  7. Each Place will also receive a ribbon.
  8. All entrants will receive complimentary cider and a donut while pies are being judged.
  9. Pies become the property of Diehlís Cider Mill.  Immediately after the contest the pies will be cut into individual slices and sold for $2 a slice.  All proceeds will benefit disaster relief through World Vision International.
  10. Pie dishes will be returned as soon as the pies are cut.
  11. Call us at 248-634-8981 for more info.


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