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  1. How do I Get There?
  2. Who do I call for Tours?
  3. How do I know if you'll be making Cider or Doughnuts?
  4. Who do I call for Dinner and a Hayride?
  5. Can I pick my own Apples?
  6. What are your Hours?

How do I Get There

Diehl's Orchard is located 6 miles South of  Holly and 6 miles north of M59 off of Milford Rd. Our address is 1479 Ranch rd. Ranch rd is off of Rose Center rd.

If you are still having trouble, then follow this link to Mapquest, Scroll down to the bottom and type in your starting address, then click Get Directions.

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Who do I call for Tours?

Call Sally Diehl at 248-459-9070

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How do I know when you'll be making Cider or Donuts?

We are not on any schedule, if you just want to come out and see those things come on the weekends or just call the Cider Mill at 248-634-8981 and ask if we will be making Donuts or cider that day.

Donuts are made throughout the day

Cider is usually made in the morning.

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Who do I call for Dinner and a Hayride

Call Chris Diehl at 248-310-9375

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Can I pick my own Apples?

We do not offer picking your own apples off our trees, but we do have large containers of apples of a wide variety. They are already picked and placed in a refrigerated cooler. You can come in and mix and match all kinds of apples in our four different sized bags. 1/4 peck, 1/2 peck, peck, and 1/2 bushel.

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What are you hours

Our hours are 9-6 seven days a week from August 13 to November 26

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